7 thoughts on “Characteristics of very unsuitable leaders

  1. Richard

    Brilliant! Awareness of this disorder needs to be increased, even though those who have this disorder will object and dismiss it primarily because of the affects of their disorder. It isn’t an easy topic to shine a light on.


  2. Gill Lockett

    May I reference this page in some writing I am doing for an A level course in the UK? When did you post this page originally? Many thanks.


  3. Susan Donoho

    Interesting read. Thank you very much. How would you deal with an authoritarian style personality if you found yourself on a team with one of these types of people? My recent experience indicated bully behavior and dominating, manipulating behavior that was very disruptive to the development of a new work flow for the team and the assignment. Thanks again.


    1. Jaan Suurkula Post author

      Susan, to deal with problems caused by an authoritarian type you have to realize that it is a deep disturbance that is not amenable to short term cure. There is no point in trying to improve or educate them to behave better. This will only create aggressive defense reactions.

      You need to consider that the key factor triggering or aggravating the behavior, is unpredictabiliy in every sense as described in my posting. This includes various aspects of loss of control including dealing with people thinking independently and creatively at variance with his plans and ideas (which is a common issue). A complete submission is required and anyone not complying is exposed to bullying and other forms of maltreatment.

      So you need to be predictable in every sense and strive to conform with his thinking and intentions without any friction. Read my posting again, write down what provokes him and change your behavior accordingly.

      For healthy persons, this is really difficult and uncomfortable, making them quit, and this is why companies decline under the leadership of such people. They loose the creative and intelligent people that constitute the very basis for constructive cooperation and renewal necessary for survival and success in the business world.

      As this person actually has deep anxieties that affects his well-being, although not always recognizing that, he may be motivated to learn the most effective method for improving such conditions according to my experience. That is Transcendental Meditation, that even has been successful in improving severe criminals, that often have a similar disturbance, according to some scientific studies.



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